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You'll Love His
Cowboy Charm!

Rear view includes mischievous
"Impeach Me!" sign stuck on his back.

20-Foot Bushocchio

Bushocchio is Dangerous to
Wildlife, Labor Unions,
Innocent Iraqis,
America's Standing
in the World, and
the English Language!!
Now its your turn to stick it to him

Ultra-Conservative model with compassionate disguise. Not designed for poor people. Guaranteed to increase carbon dioxide emissions. Use carefully around national debt. Bushocchio incites terrorist recruiting and anti-American sentiment worldwide.
A nation of duped sheep voted for him... You pay the price!

Note: Bushocchio is not a real Naval Aviator. Some of our competitors have been marketing Presidential Action Figures that give this impression, but really the guy is an AWOL chickenhawk. Do not be fooled by imitations.


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