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On the Web, an Amateur Audience Creates Anti-Bush Ads
By Phoebe Eaton
December 21, 2003
Late Edition - Final , Section 9 , Page 6 , Column 1

When the Web-based political group announced a contest in October for homemade commercials challenging the Bush administration (the winner to be shown on television during the week of the State of the Union address) grass-roots America proved a willing and eager advertising agency. Thirty-second spots poured in by the hundreds in e-mail attachments to…

…The amateur ad makers of the left are charged up about the country's dependence on fossil fuels, the plight of education and the $87.5 billion spending package for Iraq. They tabulate Mr. Bush's perceived deceptions. He is "Bushoccio," an inflatable Hot Air President Doll whose box bears the product warning: "Not designed for poor people. Not actually elected…


Dean Lags Far Behind Edwards; Gephardt Finishes Fourth
By Adam Nagourney
January 19, 2004

DES MOINES, Jan 19 - Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts won the Iowa caucuses here Monday, brushing aside the insurgent candidacy of Howard Dean with an appeal that he would be the strongest candidate the
Democrats had to beat President Bush….

…Up Locust Street, at Mr. Kerry's campaign headquarters, staff members and workers toiled in the midst of pizza boxes and campaign signs, watched over by an inflatable George Bush doll adorned with a flight suit and a Pinocchio nose…


One Nosey President
April 29, 2004

You know it's election season when satirical inflatable dolls of incumbent candidates start hitting the shelves. Taking a stab at both Bush's suspect ability to be straight with the American public and his appearances (and subsequent action figure) in Air Force garb, Politicrazy has unleashed Bushocchio ( If you haven't guessed by now, it's an inflatable doll of the Prez in his faux-military gear, featuring an exaggerated schnoz. It's $12.49, sort of scary looking and is backed by the "Seal of the President of the Corporate States." Oh, and don't forget the "thumbs-up action pose" and "realistic grimacing smirk." More dangerous than a Chucky doll however, the company warns it is toxic to wildlife and labor unions, and is not designed for poor people. Their "Worst President Ever" T-shirts however, donning the W's head and never-ending nose, are designed for anyone sizes small to XXL, so long as they have an extra 15 bucks.


John Lawler of Politicrazy in Berkeley, Calif., created the Bushocchio Hot Air Doll "to point out the hypocrisy of the man in the White House." He hopes it will be held aloft at anti-Bush protests.

Click here for full article.


April 11, 2004

Caption Reads: "More hot air - Sandra Shand holds up a George Bush blow-up doll during a demonstration on Market Street in San Francisco yesterday to protest the U.S. occupation of Iraq."

The Arizona Republic misspelled our name... but still put us on page two the day of the Tempe Debate, 10/13/04.

The next day, 10/14/04 Bushocchio showed up in the background of a photo from the East Valley Tribune of metro-Phoenix.

And in March of 2005 he showed up in South Florida, with the picture and caption below.

Anti-war in Lake Worth
Carolyn Gray of Jupiter paraded among the anti-war protestors in Lake Worth Saturday with her inflatable President Bush doll. She chanted "Im George Bush and I approved this lie." The Walk For Peace and Justice End the War Rally was sponsored by the Palm Beach County Peace and Justice Coalition and 13 other organizations.
(Sun-Sentinel/Mark Randall photo, Mar. 19, 2005)

* * * *

Additionally, Bushocchio made several TV appearances during the Democratic National Convention in Boston, the Republican Convention in New York, and the Third Presidential Debate in Tempe. We recieved reports from friends of Bushocchio seeing our doll in the background of live shows, including Anderson Cooper 360, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Inside Politics, and Crossfire. From Tempe, we were interviewed for CNN's Inside Politics and in Spanish on Telemundo. Several other outlets filmed and photographed Bushocchio, though we don't know if the images were actually shown. This included a NBC Nightly News team and a local FOX station among others. Independent journalists from Germany, France, Japan and Brazil and other places took images as well.

The doll also was shown in clips of protesters in New York on Fox News, PBS's Newshour and CBS News that we know about. Similar to what happened in Tempe, a great many local, national and international journalists filmed and photographed the doll, but we have no idea where those images went.

And back in January 04, Bushocchio made a brief appearance on Dutch TV news...

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