OData queries and types other than IQueryable in ASP.NET Web API

I am building an ASP.NET Web API application that returns an Atom or an RSS feed. To do this, it builds a System.ServiceModel.Syndication.SyndicationFeed and a custom MediaTypeFormatter is responsible for handling the HTTP Accept Header, converting the SyndicationFeed to either an Atom10FeedFormatter or an Rss20FeedFormatter, and streaming the result to the response stream. So far, so good.

My controller looks something like this:

    public class FeedController : ApiController
        public HttpResponseMessage Get()
            FeedRepository feedRepository = new FeedRepository();
            HttpResponseMessage successResponseMessage = new HttpResponseMessage(feedRepository.GetSyndicationFeed());
            return successResponseMessage;

What I would like to do is make use of the built-in OData querying to filter my feed, but changing the return type of the Get() method to IQueryable obviously will not work since a SyndicationFeed does not implement IQueryable.

Is there a way to use the built in OData querying on the IEnumerable property on the SyndicationFeed?