Lambda or LinQ expression to remove certain objects from List

I have a cart.Lines List and want to remove all items where quantity == 0

This is a list that holds collection of CartLine objects:

public class Cart
    private IList lines = new List();
    public IList Lines { get { return lines; } set { lines = value; } }

public class CartLine
    Product Product {get; set;}
    int Quantity {get; set;}


So something like:

cart.Lines.RemoveAll(x => x.Quantity == 0)

I only get Remove and RemoveAt, not RemoveAll !

Also can’t remove in a foreach loop, get error:
Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

I have now managed to do it with this code, surely there must be something more efficient ?

var myList = cart.Lines.ToList();
myList.RemoveAll(x => x.Quantity == 0);
cart.Lines = myList;

Okay Problem solved!Thanks guys, this here does it:

cart.Lines = cart.Lines.Where(x => x.Quantity != 0);