Remove items in one IList<> from another IList<> [duplicate]

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Sorry to post such basic questions, I’m new to LINQ and am trying to figure out the best way to do this short of looping through each IList.

I have 2 ILists<> with of custom dto objects. I want to remove all the matching items from on list that are in the other.

IList list1 = itemsbl.GetBestItems();
IList list2 = itemsbl.GetWorstItems();

I need to remove all the items in list1 from list2. I have been looking at the Except() method but apparently i need my ItemsDTO class to override the GetHashCode and Equals methods for that to work, but i am having trouble finding some examples of this.

Could someone please show me the best way to remove list1 from list2?

Thanks again